Instagram Story Viewer

Instanavigation presents the best Instagram Story Viewer Tool in 2023 to view and download Instagram Stories anonymously.




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FAQSFrequent Questions About Instanavigation

Can I download videos from stories?

Yes! You can download Videos and Photos with just one click. The videos are in real format as it was uploaded to Instagram.

Do I need a separate account to view profiles?

By using Instagram Story viewer by Instanavigation, you do not need an Instagram account to view Instagram Stories. Just enter the profile name and click on the search button. That’s it.

Can I use Instanavigation on mobile?

We provide a lightweight web based app that can be used on mobiles, computers and tabs. You can access story viewer from any browser from a mobile on

Does the profile author know if I download content from his profile?

Our tool is totally anonymous. You can view and download stories without being noticed by the author.

Do I need to pay for this service?

Our Story Viewer tool is completely free to use. Anyone can use it for research purposes only.

Can I use downloaded content?

Instanavigation doesn’t have any ownership of this content. It’s owned by the original authors. If you want to reuse these photos and videos make sure to get permission from the profile author and give them credit.

In which size format does Instanavigation provide photos and videos?

You will get the media in original formats.