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Instanavigation provides a free tool to watch Instagram stories without getting logged in to Instagram. Your identity will be anonymous and user will never know that you view their Instagram stories.

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Instanavigation Benefits

We provide 100% anonymity to your identity. When you view someones stories on Instagram, they can see the list of viewers on Instagram but if you watch stories through Instanavigation, profile author never know about this activity. By being anonymous you can explore any number of profiles any time without any charge or cost.

The next big thing is downloading the content. With Instanavigation, you can also download, photos, videos from stories, tags, posts and IGTV as well. So no need to use any third party expensive tools when you have Instanavigation. Watch and download content from Instagram with a single click.

No Account Sign Up – No Verification

Instanavigation is straight forward an simple tool that does not require any account sign up or email verification. Just add a profile name and start viewing and downloading media from Instagram

Safe & secure

Your Account is Secure and Safe

While using Instanavigation, your Instagram account is safe and secure because you are not logging from your account. You can view and download unlimited stories and other content without any trouble to your Instagram profile.

Download Content on Any Device

Instanavigation is a web based tool that can be access through any browser from any type of smart device. You can download stories on mobile, tabs and computers. Content will be auto save to your device once you click on download button.

Frequent Questions About Instanavigation

Can I download videos from stories ?

Instanavigation provides access to stories, posts, tags and IGTV. You can download photos and videos from any Instagram profiles. Just make sure the profile you are exploring is on public mode. A private profile can never be explore with any kind of tool and its against the policy of Instagram and author consent.

Do I need a separate account to view profiles?

Instanavigation provides a user friendly and simple tool to view Instagram profiles. There is no need to login to Instagram. All you need is to add profile name and hit on proceed button and our tool will automatically fetch the content for this profile as long as this profile is public.

Can I use Instanavigation on mobile?

We provides a light wight web based app that can be use on mobiles, computers or tabs. No need to download any app just use a simple web browser from your phone or computer and access to use our tool anytime.

Does profile author know if I download content from his profile?

Instanavigation provides a complete anonymous environment when it comes to download or watch Instagram stories. Profile authors will never know about these activities and your identity is completely anonymous.

Do I need to pay for this service?

Instanavigation is a research based project and can be use by anyone for absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a dime to access our tool. There is no limit to view or download stories or other content.

Can I use downloaded content?

Instanavigation don’t have any ownership on this content. Its owned by the original authors. If you want to reuse these photos and videos make sure to get permission from profile author and give them credit.

In which size format Instanavigation provides photos and videos?

Instanavigation provides the content to its original size and format that has been uploaded on Instagram. We do not crop or compress photos and videos.