How to delete story on Instagram – Simple Tutorial

Okay, the Instagram story! It’s where we share the ups, the downs, and the in-between of our regular routines. In any case, what happens when you unexpectedly understand that your Instagram story — perhaps an ungainly selfie or an off-kilter dance move — isn’t exactly the work of art you thought it was? The frenzy sets in. Your finger drifts over your screen, and you think, “How in the world do I erase this?”

Dread not! We’ve all been there, and today, I will walk you through precisely how to erase a story on Instagram. Since can we just be real for a moment, some of the time our accounts end up being not really story-commendable.

Follow below easy steps

We should get serious. Here are the means for eliminating that story that has out of nowhere turned into a wellspring of disappointment.

Stage 1: Open Instagram

Just open your Instagram application on your telephone. It is easy to begin somewhere, isn’t that so?

Stage 2: Explore Your Story

Tap on your symbol in the upper-left corner of the screen. The circle addresses you and your remarkable life.

Stage 3: Track down the Offender

Swipe left or right to find the story slide you need to erase. Goodness, it is right there!

Stage 4: Access the Choices

Tap on the three-dab symbol (or “More” button) at the base right. This will give you different choices.

Stage 5: Pick ‘Erase’

Tap on the ‘Erase’ choice. A message will spring up inquiring as to whether you’re certain you need to erase the story. Affirm by tapping ‘Erase’ once more. What’s more, presto! The story is no more!

Appears to be basic, isn’t that so? Yet, recall, when you erase it, it’s long gone, so reconsider (or perhaps multiple times) before you hit that ‘Erase’ button.

Imagine a scenario in which You Maintain that Should Save It.

Great inquiry! Before you hit erase, you should save the story to your gadget. You can without much of a stretch do this by tapping on the ‘Save’ choice, which is typically right close to the ‘Erase’ choice. Along these lines, it’s gone from Instagram yet put something aside for your recollections.

Additional Tips: Consider Documenting

Before you begin erasing stories left and right, consider utilizing the Document include. Chronicling permits you to eliminate the story from general visibility yet saves it so that you might be able to see later. Simply tap on the ‘File’ choice rather than ‘Erase’.


Erasing an Instagram story could appear to be an overwhelming errand from the outset, however now that you have the means, you’re in finished control. So go on, make, commit errors, and don’t hesitate for even a moment to hit that ‘Erase’ button as needs be. Since by the day’s end, your story is yours to tell or erase however you see fit.

Doesn’t it feel better to be the expert of your own Instagram universe? In this way, the following time you wind up re-thinking a post, you’ll know precisely exact thing to do. Blissful Instagramming!

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