How to Make Your Instagram Stories Look Cool?

Instagram is famous because of its unique features. That’s why it has 2.35 billion users globally. In 2016, Instagram introduced its story-sharing feature. It allows you to share any picture or video on a story. Instagram stories appear shortly on your feed. After 24 hours, they vanish automatically.

Almost 500 million users of Instagram use stories. They share or watch the stories regularly. As we know brands this platform for business. So, this feature helps them in sharing their products. People easily view their products through their stories. You can easily connect to others through stories. Your content becomes more notable. It’s helpful when you want to share your content temporarily. This blog covers everything about editing Instagram stories. Before we get started, if you’re trying to get more followers on Instagram, read our quick guide on how to grow your Instagram followers Instantly. Now, getting back to our topic. Use the tips and tricks given below and start making awesome Instagram stories.

Making Creative Instagram Stories

The perfect editing of your story makes it more visible. Stay calm. I am telling you everything in detail. Let’s move towards it.

Add Hashtags

Hashtags are used to specify the shared content. A particular symbol # is used for them. You can use this symbol in combination with letters. Even you can use numbers and emojis. Hashtags have access to persons not following you. People are attracted to their search-related hashtags.

The right hashtags on your story attract more people. The brands can create their own hashtags. They can combine the viral hashtags with their own. The common users can also use hashtags to engage others. Hashtags are also helpful for influencers.

Add Location Sticker

Add a location sticker to advertise your brand. It helps others to know your brand location. Nearby people are more attracted to your brand. For example, if you belong to NYC, the location sticker targets the local audience.  

Asking Questions

Nowadays, it’s a common trick to engage the audience. Most brands keep in touch with their audience using this trick. When you ask questions about your story, people feel it is interesting. Some people also start quiz series on their stories. These are tactics to engage viewers.

In reverse, you can also reply to your audience’s questions in stories. The audience feels good that they are important to you.

Use GIFs or Stickers

The stickers or GIF clearly explain your expression. For example, using poll stickers turns out good. The people consider your story more attractive.

Add Website Links

What can be more effective than adding your website link?  Put your website link on your story. If people click on the link, they will land in your digital store. You are allowed to add any link of your choice.

Further, you can customize your stickers. This means you can create text stickers. These are known as the URL Stickers. The term “URL” is specific to link.

How to edit an Instagram story after publishing?

Instagram doesn’t offer complete editing of the story after publishing. However, you can make some changes. Let’s see how you can make these changes.

To change the story, move towards it. After clicking on it, land on the “More” option. Then, select “Story Setting”. The interface will show the “Story Controls” button. Now you can alter minor things.

Changes You Can Make:

  • You can select your favorite contacts to see your story.
  • You can keep your story out of sight from some people. Choose the persons you want to conceal your story. They can’t have access to your story.
  • It’s up to you whom you allow to respond to your story. You can also restrict everyone. Then no one can respond to your story. Even you can choose the selected persons.
  • You can save it after clicking on “Save stories in the Archive”. The saved content will not appear on your phone’s camera roll.

Can I Edit my story completely after posting?

For full changes, the only option is to delete your story. You can repost it with changes. Be careful about its editing before posting.

How to Delete Your Instagram Story?

It’s so easy to delete your story from your profile. Open the home page after tapping on the Instagram icon. Click on your story in the upper left corner. Here you will find the “More” button. Press this button to view the list of options.

Scroll down the list and click on the option “Delete”. Instagram again confirms the deletion. You have to press “Delete” again to confirm. As a result, your story gets deleted.

Note: After posting a story, it gets saved in the Archive. This storage is permanent. You can access to Archive to view your story later. But you can delete it too from Archive.

Wrapping Up

Instagram facilitates its users with a variety of features like Instagram stories. Since its release in 2016, it’s been a widely used feature among business persons. This blog is a complete guide to editing your Instagram story. Use these methods and post an eye-catching story. After posting it, you can alter it to some extent. Tip from Linkhouse.

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