How to Reset Your Instagram Password Safely?

Instagram is a widely used platform on social media. Millions of people use it. Instagram has introduced many new features. This modification has increased its usage. You can log in to your account with Facebook details too. Even brands use it for business. Sometimes people forget their Instagram passwords. If your password is out of your mind, this blog is helpful for you. 

You have the facility of different Instagram account recovery methods. This blog covers all the methods. You can pick your desired method. Every method is effective for a different situation. Let’s see in detail. Before we start, if you’re struggling to change your email on Instagram, take a look at our brief guide on the best way to change email address on Instagram. OK, coming back to the topic. Follow below instructions to reset your Instagram account’s password.

Steps to Reset Instagram Password

You can recover your account with different methods. Instagram provides easiness to everyone. No matter if you forget your email or number. There are also other options available. You can recover your account through Facebook.

All methods include:

  1. Recover it through Email
  2. Recover it using your Phone Number
  3. Recover it through Facebook
  4. Alternative Methods for 2 situations:
  • When you are logged in
  • When you are logged out

You better understand your situation. So, you can choose your method accordingly.

Use Your Email

This method requires email, used for creating the account. Account recovery is so easy if you remember your email. You can recover your account within seconds. You must have access to this email’s inbox. This method is effective for every smartphone. 

Click on the Instagram app first. The display shows you different options. You must find the “Forgot Password?” or “Get Help Logging In”. The available option varies according to your device.

The “username” slide shows then. Put your right email address or username here. After putting it, tap on the “Next” option.

The next screen shows the option “Send an Email”. Click on it. Then, an email is received on your phone. This email guides you about recovering your account. The email comprises the account recovery link.

Click on this link. The link allows you to create your new password. There is no need for a forgotten password. Your account will be back.

Reset with Contact Number:

This method does not require your email address. You have to use your phone number. Recovery through a phone number is so easy. You can use this method for both iPhone and Android. It’s a process of just a few steps. Let’s see this method in detail.

Open the Instagram account on your device. No matter if it’s iPhone or Android. Find the one option in between the two. These two options are “Forgot Password? Or “Get Help Logging In”. One of them will show on your phone.

Click on the one available option. The “Phone” bar will appear then. You have to enter your phone number here. Enter the contact number used for creating the account. Then click on the “Next” option.

After that, you will get a message on your number. This text comprises a code to log in. Use this code and log in to your account. Your account gets recovered within seconds.

Note: You can’t change your password with this method. But your email address is updated with this method. You can use this email address to set a new password.

Reset through Facebook:

Since 2012, Instagram has linked up with Facebook. So, you can log in with Facebook details. This method works when the email or number is forgotten. Let’s move towards the method.

Click on the Instagram app on your phone. The login screen will appear then. Tap on the “Log in with Facebook” option on the screen. Then, your Instagram account will recover easily.

Alternative Methods Your Reset Instagram Password

When You are Logged Out

Use this method when your account is logged out. And you don’t know your password to log in again. Open the Instagram app on your phone. The Login screen will appear. Then, click on the option “Reset”. The app will consider your resetting request.

When You are Logged In

You can use this method for Android or iPhone. Your account is logged in. So, click on the Profile picture. Find the option “Edit Profile”. Click on this option. Then, the option “Personal Information Settings” appears. Click on this option available at the bottom.

Verify your email address and phone number. Once you verified it, you can request for password change. To change the password, return to the profile page. Click on the “Three Horizontal Lines” there. Then click on “Settings” and “Security”.

Move to the “Password” option. Click on “Forgot your Password”. You will receive a reset link through Email. Change your password using this link. Remember it to avoid any difficulty. 

Final Words

Instagram facilities you with many ways to recover your account. We have covered all methods to reset your Instagram account password.

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