Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Instagram Followers Fast

Nowadays, people use Instagram as a marketing network. Time has gone it was used for only communication. Instagram accounts with more follower count comprise more dignity. The brands’ profiles containing a high fan following rank higher. Their brands are considered authentic.

The new brands with minimal fan bases always look forward to increasing it. So if you want to increase Instagram followers, this blog is for you. Stay here to avail of all the information about it. We will disclose every method to increase followers. You don’t have to pay for any third-party tool. And all your followers will be original. Before we dive in if you’re trying to boost your Instagram reels, take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to do that by using trending hashtags for Instagram reels. Now, let’s get into the details of growing your Instagram followers the organic way.

Build a Strong Profile

There are billions of profiles on Instagram. You must think about how you can make a good profile. Here are a few tips.

  • Your account should be public. To increase followers on Instagram, it’s a basic need.
  • You can create your brand’s related profile. Then your profile looks more real. Your username shouldn’t be so lengthy. Try to create your profile name on your brand’s name.
  • It would be best if your profile picture is your brand’s logo. The brand logo seems authentic.
  • Create engaging content in your Instagram bio. Add some lines which force others to follow you. This means you can offer something about your brand. For example, you own a clothing brand. You can write: Follow me to get important tips on improving your fashion sense.
  • Add your brand’s website link to your profile. It would be better to grow your business. And your customers will be your followers later.

Use All Instagram’s Features

Instagram introduced multiple features to grab the viewers. Use all of them to keep your viewers engaged.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the most used features globally. If seen realistically, almost 500 million plus use this feature regularly. And brands mostly use them to display their products.

You can increase the reach of their stories with hashtags. The hashtags give them access to persons not following you. In this way, the chances of true followers increase.

Instagram Highlights

As we know stories appear for a shorter span. If you want to share content for longer, Instagram highlights do wonders. The viewers on your profile know about your brand through them. The persons not following you can follow you after that.

Try to post highlights with engaging content. Your content can convince others to follow you. You must focus on cover photos on your highlights.

Increase Your Reach

Here are a few tactics that increase your content’s access to more people. And these prove helpful in gaining new followers.

Brand Specific Hashtags

While posting stories, try to use brand-related hashtags. It might be helpful for people searching for a particular thing. Your specific hashtags might end their research. Hashtags have access to the persons not following you. But if they find out something good, they can follow you.

Add Location

You should tag your location on your stories. It helps to grab the local audience. For example, your brand belongs to NYC. Adding location helps your city fellows to reach your brand. You can also create location stickers. And you can put them on your stories.

Tag Your Customers

When you tag your customers, they feel another level of attachment. They get a notification that they are tagged. They love to share your content on their behalf. But try to tag only regular customers. It will be safe for you. Besides, you can tag your workers. This method expands your business reach.

Upload Content Regularly

If research the leading brands, they upload posts regularly. It’s a way to interact with the audience. And it’s also a pathway to new followers. Your daily posting shows your online presence. Your content must be engaging for viewers. When your content attracts others, they follow you.

Catchy Content:

First, you should understand your viewer’s needs. Try to post content related to your brand. If your products fulfill people’s needs, they purchase them. Once they get satisfied, they start following you. Besides business, you can ask interesting questions from viewers. It’s the best way to engage the visitors. Further, you can share something about the current issues.

Perfect Time to Post

The time when users are mostly active increases your content’s reach. Research stated that your best time to post is late morning and late afternoon. This means 8 AM to 12 PM PST and 4 to 5 PST. The late afternoon time works perfectly on weekdays. It’s a general statistic.

Final Words

The increased number of followers has become a success symbol. Most brands are considered credible because of a huge follower count. We have covered every method to increase Instagram followers organically. These methods demand little effort but save money.

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