List of Top 5 Most Followed People on Instagram

Social Media Platforms connect the whole world under one roof. Instagram is one of them. This platform is equally important for business persons, influencers, and common users. But who are the luckiest ones ruling on Instagram? This blog discloses the top 5 people having the greatest Instagram fan following. Let’s explore them.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: 604 Million

Undoubtedly, he is the king of Instagram right now. This world’s most popular footballer also rules on the leading social media platform. The fan base of 604 million is a surprising figure. This means almost 7.5% of people follow him globally. He is the only one who gained the broadest fan following.

Almost 60% of Instagram users are following him. He achieved special recognition in his profession. He performs as a captain of his country’s national soccer team. He belongs to Portuguese. His greatest fan following targeted International Media towards him.

He was the only one who crossed 2 Million on Instagram. After that, success remained on his footway. His account is full of his professional and family pictures. He updates his fans with his every activity. Fans love to see his pictures. He is a motivational symbol for all football lovers.

Lionel Messi: 487 Million

On the success of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, Lionel Messi gained 5 million followers overnight. Argentina’s football team gained victory this year. Messi’s picture holding the World Cup Trophy went viral. Messi is very popular as a captain of his country’s national soccer team. He belongs to Argentina.

His hard work granted him specific recognition in his field. He is not only famous in his country but also worldwide. After Ronaldo, he has the most fan following base (487 Million). He is also a motivational icon for sports lovers. His account comprises his funny and professional pictures. He keeps in touch with his fans through Instagram.

He shares his routine activities with his fans. He often shares his personal life. In August 2021, he was part of Paris Saint-Germain. This month added 20 million followers to his profile.

Selena Gomez: 429 Million

You must be aware of her name as an actress and singer. She is the queen of many hearts. She belongs to the United States of America (USA). Besides countless awards, she also rules on Instagram. She is the only female who gained much fan following. She shared her picture with fans to show her happiness.

She posted about her desire to hug all her fans. She is the third-most followed person after 2 soccer players. She attracts people because of her beauty too. She shares her every activity with her fans. She also raised a voice for women’s rights.

Being a celebrity, she always talks about mental fitness issues. She motivates others to discuss mental health hazards. She also shares political issues. Besides, her account is full of her pictures with friends. She loves to share her fun time with her fans.

Kylie Jenner: 399 Million

She is known as a media personality and businesswoman. She belongs to the Fashion industry and lives in America. She is not only famous in the US but also worldwide. She ranks as the fourth-most followed person. She is the second lady with a huge fan base.

She has shared almost 6500 posts on her profile. She’s very active socially. In the business world, she is famous for the “Kylie Cosmetics” brand. Besides makeup, she also owns other brands. These are named Kylie Skin, Kylie Baby, and Kylie Swim.

Her account comprises her professional and family pictures. She loves to share her spouse and baby’s pictures. She is very popular among young girls. Because she owns skincare and makeup brands. Her makeup brand broke the record of success. Her Kylie Lip Kit sold out immediately after its release.

Dwayne Johnson: 390 Million

He is an American actor and film producer now. But he gained fame because of wrestling. He has retired from WWE wrestling. At this time, he was the most energetic athlete. He didn’t get his name overnight. He came into the field as a pro wrestler.

His success history is full of struggle. Now he is known as the fifth-most followed person. His account contains several professional pictures. Nowadays, he is getting fame in the Film industry. He also shares personal life pictures.

He engages his fans with his interesting posts. He updates them with his every project. He also motivates his fans about physical fitness.

Note: Instagram has its own account too. This platform is at the top of the most-followed people’s list. 

Final Words:

Instagram is a widely used platform with billions of users. We have covered the top 5 people who have the highest fan following. The most-followed people on Instagram grabbed fans with interesting content.

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